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range of services


Our range of services includes non-ferrous contract grinding and processing of ceramic and mineral raw materials, natural materials and glass as well as chemical and synthetic products.

The processed materials are shipped in sacks, big bags or silo trucks according to customer requirements.


We operate three ball mills each with connected high-performance air classifiers which are capable of producing grain sizes between 25 μm and 200 μm. The milling process separates iron particles by using suitable mill liners, milling media and magnetic separators. The three ball mills assure our ability to produce and supply our products without interruption (e.g. during inspection).


Our "processing plant" produces grain size distributions from 100 μm. The crushing unit breaks down the feedstock in the particle bed; this means that the contact surfaces during the crushing process consist of the material to be milled. This so-called "particle bed crushing" and the connected bar and drum magnet ensure a non-ferrous crushing process. The energy applied during crushing is electronically adjustable, and combined with the connected screens enables a grain size distribution according to customer specifications to be implemented.


We have various crushing units including belt magnets at our disposal which are used according to the respective product requirements. There are no limits with regard to the initial size of the feedstock. A falling crusher (drop ball) breaks down larger feedstock so that it can be introduced into the crushing process.


Our screening systems are designed to deliver all kinds of screening results. Using a sizer with several screen decks allows different grain size ranges to be screened simultaneously in just one production step.
Bar and drum magnets remove any iron particles during the screening process.


Our double-shell rotary driers dry materials with an initial moisture content of up to 20 %.


Using different processing technologies, we create mixtures from existing base materials. Which process technology is used depends on the quality and the condition of the base materials to be mixed and the requirements for the mixture to be created.


Sharp-edged base materials can be rounded to blunt the edges using our special in-house process technology.


Our self-designed washing unit removes water soluble deposits from hard materials.