Informations about our products



We design chamotte mixtures for use in FFT ceramics. The formulation of the respective mixture is developed in close cooperation with the customer to assure its optimal integration into the ceramic. For this purpose, we maintain a sample storage of all known (and lesser known) raw materials which are suitable for use in chamotte mixtures in terms of quality and costs according to our experience. They are not laboratory samples but samples that have all passed through our production facility. This enables us to produce test mixtures at the laboratory scale which already correspond to real production conditions and are therefore representative of the final product. The result is a fast and cost-saving development process both for our customer and us. The formulation designed together with the customer can be adapted to the requirements and current circumstances on short notice at any time. The use of chamotte mixtures provides customers with the same benefits as the hard material component: purchasing a single component instead of multiple raw materials, a leaner acquisition process, reducing the required storage capacity, needing less quality assurance for just one component, omission of the mixing process.